Wednesday, September 21, 2011


assalamualaikum... hye..!!!
sedar tak sedar kan.. sekarang dah masuk minggu kedua sudah di semester 3 ini...
seronok. tekanan weven baru 2nd week.. ha.. pelik kan? ish3.. tapi kan.. memang bnde tuh la yang saye sebagai seorang student dental ni kene hadapi.. saye sangat berharap untuk menjadi seorang yang tabah.. always ask myself.. mampu ke aku ni.. mampu ke aku hadapi tahun tahun yang akan datang.. yang akan menjadi lagi,.. lagi dan lagi lagi susah... sangat takot!

sekarang dah buat cavity.. n now.. i'm not doing it well.. will i do it well n better later? hope i will... rubber dam the second one.. felt this one is better than the first one.. doa.. n next week gonna be a practical test.. huu.. wondering how the test would be.. how our dr will check our work.. insyaAllah.. will try my best..

and again... i am still not confident.. senior said.. DENTISTRY NEEDS ART.. AND NOT EVERYBODY HAVE IT... AND IT IS NOT JUST BORN WITH... BUT IT CAN BE DEVELOP...

 i want to believe in this... not just born with it.. but must be develop..
for the time being i do realise that i am not born with the ART.. and i must n always try to develop the art in ME...

hope i can..... PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT....

still going to feel a bit lack of confidence going to the simulation lab.. i can feel that others are a lot n a lot better than me... hurm.. i should throw away all the bad feelings rite.. but its hard..
i must gain my confidence back.. i must try hard.. n work hard too.... pray for me dearies... :)

think thats all.. so really sorry... all got mixed up.. the malay for early part.. and englsh towards the end... still practising. :)

p/s: Selamat pengantin baru to my lovely beloved sis...Tasnim... May ur life be blessed with BARAKAH N HAPPINESS from ALLAH.. Ameen..
some pictures.. :) have a look deariess..

 newly weds... 

sis tasnim.. really beautiful.. lovely.. :)

 kami bersame raja sehari...

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