Wednesday, June 8, 2011

dearest. syazwani

hi everyone. 

my mood now~
i'm happy~ saye sedang gembire~ i passed all the subjects~ gonna enter 2nd year as a dental student~ nearer to my future~ and the most important thing, going to learn new things and surely gonna be harder and tougher.


there's a friend of mine is going through her hard time. i'm sad for her.

time saye happy sekarang, ade kawan saye sedang sedih. 
she received another offer to further study. and this offer guarantee work for her. but then, it's a bit late. but still, because of her mother, she will go. she will left all her hard work, her study, friends and the most important thing is the MEMORIES there. 

2 years of learning, getting as much knowledge as she could.
a year with me and the other year, i were not with her anymore. 
i know how hard she were there, how busy she is, trying to cope with a the activities, trying her best to get everything done. 
but now, she has to leave all her efforts as memories to people there. though, deep in her heart she don't want to leave them. she has no choice. she must go. 

i am not sad because she is gonna leave me. even, when she move to new place, it is even nearer to me. it's one of the good thing. i'm sad because, she cant continue doing things she love. things she enjoy most. 

she going to lead a totally new life. new environment, new friends and all new things around her.
i'm worried bout her, but deep in my heart i always pray the best for her.
i know that she's a strong person, so i hope everything gonna be fine. 

' dear Allah, please help her. be by her side. make everything fine for her. and let all this hardness that she hard to
face to be stronger in life. i love her because of Allah '

since last year, entering the degree, i am no longer with her. i'm here at pandan campus and she is in nilai campus. but our ukhuwah never died. we still contact each other. keep remembering one another. 

i still remember how we live together, eat together, sleep together. going through happy time, hard time. 
still remember how we laugh, we cried just because of silly thing. 

there's one night. i was crying because of silly thing. i thought not to tell anyone. but suddenly you called me. i can never lie to you that i'm okay. you knew that i was crying. u know what, at that time i really feel that u are always there for me.
miss that time. can i have that time again? past is past rite? but, everything is a memory and i really hope you and I will never forget.

( dearie~ never forget our time together ya! miss old time )

dear syazwani~ rite now, what i feel is that i am really sorry because i cant do anything to help you. i really hope that you can continue your life here. but there must be hikmah for everything that happen. i will always pray for u. i hope that u can face everything with smile. be strong girl. dont cry okay? u must be a strong person inside out! have faith in Allah. He has plan well for everyone. i know, it is easier to say that to face it but this is all i can do. remember, no matter what i will always be here for you. anything just tell me okay? lastly. i wanna say that ' saye sayang awak. saye kawan awak sampai bile-bile ok? sahabat dunia akhirat ek. dont ever forget me and all our memories together ( only one year living together ) . hope that we will still laugh, cry and share everything! love 
you! take care.

think that's all. this entry is for you. 

p/s: tyme aku tulis nie, aku harap sangat ko bace. untuk aku cakap kat kau semue nie mungkin agak susah. jadi, dengan menulis kat sini je lah care aku nak bagitahu semue kat kau! wani. awak jage diri ok!


lipoo said...

diam diam diam.. uwuwu. jgn la weh.
awak juga kena kuat untuk saya kuat! thanx maisara~ love u sgt! pray 4 me! ummmmm

sIti mAisAra said...

love u too!!! ya. insyaAllah. u will be okay! :)