Friday, November 12, 2010

tiber-tiber rase macm nie..

salam semue...
1st thing to tell..
is just what my heart's says rite now..
i dont know why i felt this way..but everything is confusing..
i cant even think sometimes..
this is not about luve..
not about friendship.n not even about study..not about family too..
it's just about life..about me n myself..
nobody's involve in this matter..
about my life..what happened in the past..what's happening now..n the most important i guess..what's gonna happen next..the future..

for the past..many big things happened in my life..
big ones till i cant forget it till now..huu...quite a sad one..
n some of them are really stupid one..
the most stupid thing i had done in my life..
used to think y i did that..y i could make that decision..
thinking..keep on thinking till now..but then realizing that..
just thinking bout it,nothing will change what already happen rite???
just believing everything that happened,has HIKMAH..that's what ALLAH said..n with that..
the strength grows deeply..STRENGTH to keep on with the life..
the strength to keep on following the path to the end...

so..that's bring me the moment..rite now..
still living as a person in this big world...
as a servant for ALLAH..
n what i'm going through rite now.seriously..
never thought that i will be at my place i am rite now..
never even DREAM of it..
too good 4 me i..
i dont think i'm good enough 4 this after the past things..
maybe..nie sumerr dugaan dr-Nya..
to test my IMAN to Him..

now..i'm praying that i can go through everything smoothly..
hoping that nothing bad will happen again..nothing that will give great impact on me..

life now..USIM..F.O.D..
can i do it??
feeling like i cant..
but my mom said..
'cuber dulu..blum cuber blum tw akak..blaja elok2.'
so..this will be my 'semangt' to still continue my study...
4 my family in the future.....:-)

 so my friends..pray 4 my success k..
pray 4 our success together..

think that's all...quite a long writing..tired..hehe
just..past,now n FUTURE..

never let the past control u..but take the past as a strength 4 u to go through the journey..
n has the future to be the target to get what u want...

this words ends my writing..till then..


Noor Faradzela Binti Mohamad said...

be strong k...u can do it. everybody has their own story. i hv mine, take it easy..doa byk2 :)

swOrd said...

lap u...haha

sIti mAisAra said...

huhu,nora: ya..each n everyone of us has the past...insyaallah..pray 4 me ye..
sword: lap u too lah..haha