Sunday, October 16, 2011



friends, i was reading a blog from a friend of mine. 
it is sumthing about this love things, love=jealousy, the 'i miss you' stuff, without 'u' i cant live. 
'i miss you', 'i love you' and 'i cant live if you were not with me' are surely cant be separated with the word LOVE rite? so sure that all of u would agree when reading this. 

but, i would like to really ask all of you. 

are you guys so sure that at the moment u say those words, u guys really mean it or just saying it as it is a must when u are in love with sumone? think carefully. me myself wondering whether when i was saying those words, i really mean it or not really actually? 


1 : everything is okay :)
a : i love u so much
b : i love u too dear. i miss u a lot. i wanna be with u everyday.
a : me too. i cant live without you. cant think how i would be if u are not by my side dearie.. dont want to even imagine those things. 
b : we will be forever. nothing cant separate us apart. forever. love u forever.

2 : start fighting. ? 

they were talking on phone. talk an talk for hours and suddenly, they were fighting. 
a : what are u talking about now? cant u believe that i only have u in my life now? 
b : u say that. but u still miss him/her. then, what's that? tell me? 

the girl start crying. (its a normal thing for a girl to cry when couples got into firht, rite?) the boy hang up the phone immediately. the girl feel even more sad when he did that. 

3 : the day after.

the girl tried to contact the guy. nut then, no news. silent. no answer at all. for a week. n they broke up.the girl is sad. but the guy? can he bear to watch the girl sad because of him? 

~story end~

so, from the story i wrote above, can i conclude that the guy didnt really mean the 'i cant live without u' '? agree? *from this story its the guy, but it can be from both side. just an example.*

more. its true that the guy shouldnt do that to the girl. but, can we say that it depends on who started the fight? or who cause the fight? can i say, depends on the couple?

i dont really know why i wrote this, but it just a situation where i think everyone in love will face it. true? 

think, thats all for today. :) 

bye. nyte everyone.

p/s: tomorrow is monday! starting a new week. with a new wish and hope. :)

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