Thursday, March 10, 2011

:: mood :: not so good ::

selalu happy...
malam nie.. 
not that good..
tell what..
really cant face when i need to loose someone in my life..
even not loosing it like the person dying..
just loosing company from that person..
loosing a companion..
really hard..
need to make it as normal as i could even there's sumthing missing..
that 'missing' part was the fun part of the day..
so, will everything be fine?
cant wait to see tomorrow..
looking forward to the future..
i dont want people to know that my fun part is gone..
pretending is the only way..
surely, i'll get used to it..
till the day will come..
no more pretending..
n that time..
will proof the words..

' once a friend forever a friend '

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Noor Faradzela Binti Mohamad said...

my dearest maisara :)
somehow..u have to prepare for this..
kita syg mcm mana pun,sume tu pinjaman..bila allah tarik benda tu drp kita..iAllah, DIA akan ganti dgn sesuatu yg lebih berharga..
i had lost my father, and recently..i lost my brand new handphone..(brand new ke?? :P) mmg susah nk terima..kdg2 kita rasa dah cukup kuat, cukup matang..tapi bila diuji..terpulang lah kat kita nk hadapi cmne..
check this..ayat pujukan dpr quran :)

sIti mAisAra said...

nora dearr~~ thanx a lot..
yup...really appreciate ur advice...
love u!!!

sIti mAisAra said...
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afiq zulhilmi said...

sabar mesti ada hikmah di sebaliknya.. just focus kat study and take time 2 4get what happen...